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Laser Skin Tightening - Fotona Photo Facial

Do you want to improve your skin's Tightness, Tone and Texture? Then Fractional Photo-rejuvenation could be the treatment for you. We operate a leading dermatology clinic within easy driving distance of both Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The Nd:YAG laser allows facial and skin rejuvenation without a surgical procedure.

Desired results are achieved through skin toning and collagen stimulation. This laser can also remove skin redness and broken blood vessels and there is no downtime.

3-6 follow up treatments are recommended at 2-4 week intervals. The wrinkles will continue to vanish over 6-12 months after the initial treatment, as the rejuvenation process takes place.

Our non-invasive Nd: YAG photo-collagen remodelling technique or T3 treatment is based on the absorption of ND: YAG laser energy by haemoglobin with partial coagulation of microvasculature in papillary dermis and release of inflammatory mediators. The result is micro-vascular renewing, fibroblast stimulation and new collagen remodelling. The end result will be smoother skin and smaller pore sizes, characterised by improvements in skin tightness, tone and texture.

The decreasing activity of fibroblasts in connective tissue and decreasing tightness and thickness of collagen fibres in the dermal papillary layer are the main causes of skin-ageing. The most common skin rejuvenation techniques are therefore based on stimulating a responsive restorative process in papillary dermis.

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T3 Skin-tightening laser treatment Price
30-minute session £150
60-minute session £300

At your consultation at our dermatology clinic you will be given a 'test patch' to ensure that you do not have any adverse reaction to the Laser treatment.

These prices are indicative only and represent the most you will be charged. Each patient will be assessed on an individual basis and given a personal recommended treatment plan.

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