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Laser Pigmentation Removal

At Kings Cosmetic Clinic we can treat skin pigmentation in a variety of ways, including chemical peels and laser dermatological treatments.

Pigmentation, Lentigines, Age-Spots, Sun Damage, Freckles and Cafe au Lait spots are all descriptions of a concentration of pigmented cells in the skin.

They are usually harmless, brown discolorations of the skin which can occur on the hands, neck and face of people over the age of 40.

These spots are age-related and are mainly caused by over-exposure to sunlight over many years, without adequate sunscreen protection. Such spots are usually harmless and do not require medical investigation unless they change colour, size or become irregular or fragile.

Laser Treatment

At our dermatology clinic, laser treatment of age spots offers a very effective means for the removal of such discolourations.

The Erbium laser is used as part of our dermatological treatment to carefully remove the layer of skin containing the darkened pigment, allowing a fresh and healthier skin surface to regenerate, and by stimulating the deeper collagen layer to thicken, improving the elasticity and texture of the skin.

Laser dermatological treatment cannot stop the ageing of the skin and other age spots will appear in time (these spots can be seen with our Visia Skin Analysis). In order to minimise this patients should use sunscreen and avoid over exposure to the sun.

Doctor's consultation £50
Treatment from £150

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Pigmentation Laser Treatment Price
30-minute session (Small area) £150
30-minute session (Large area) £300

At your consultation at our dermatology clinic you will be given a 'test patch' to ensure that you do not have any adverse reaction to the Laser treatment.

These prices are indicative only and represent the most you will be charged. Each patient will be assessed on an individual basis and given a personal recommended treatment plan.

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