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Effective Acne Treatment

Why let acne spoil your life when we can help clear your complexion? Everyone's acne is different, so we tailor a programme to suit you at our leading dermatology clinic in Scotland.

Acne is caused by infective bacterium p.acnes causing inflammation and, if left, long-term damage.

Our laser will disinfect your skin, killing the bacterium and allowing a return to normal clear skin.

Depending on your particular needs we may suggest:

  • - Anti-infective Nd:YAG laser for active infected acne
  • - Skin Resurfacing Er:YAG laser for acne scarring

-followed by appropriate medication or topical applications to help prevent future outbreaks.

Acne Scar Laser Resurfacing

Our dermatology clinic uses the powerful resurfacing Erbium:Yag Laser which can remove the superficial damaged skin, allowing a new layer of healthy skin to grow, leaving your skin looking fresher, smoother and younger.

Acne can be a very distressing condition and is not necessarily restricted to teenagers; it can affect people of all ages.

Before & After comparison

Before After Before After
Before After
Doctor's consultation £50
Treatment from £150


Active Acne Laser Treatments Price
30-minute session £150
60-minute session £300
Skin-resurfacing Price
Full face £600
Smaller area £350

These prices are indicative only and represent the most you will be charged. Each patient will be assessed on an individual basis and given a personal recommended treatment plan.

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